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OroCommerce 5.1 Demo: Strengthen Your Business Resilience and Customer Retention


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Introducing OroCommerce 5.1

Every year, we introduce the Long-Term Support (LTS) release, which is the most stable, complete, and up-to-date version of our products.

With OroCommerce 5.1 LTS, we’re committed to empowering businesses to engage in commerce and thrive regardless of market conditions. We have paid close attention to the needs and feedback of our valued customers and partners, and are thrilled to unveil the features they have been requesting. 

Let’s take a look at the new features and improvements in detail.

Elevate Your Customer Experience

Product bundling and kitting

OroCommerce 5.1 is designed to make your customers’ purchasing experience as smooth and effective as possible. With our new product bundling and kitting features, you can offer grouped products with unique configuration and promotional levels for a more intuitive shopping experience.

Search control and analytics

New search control and reporting analytics enable you to prioritize your products in search results. Customize product results based on specific queries and give customers relevant results for a more streamlined shopping experience.

Search user experience

Improved search architecture and search UX deliver exceptional product discoverability. Utilizing synonyms and stop words, you can personalize search results according to customer groups, ensuring users find exactly what they’re looking for.

Payment options

With our new Stripe integration for payment processing, you can offer customers a wider range of payment options. The result is a modern checkout experience that keeps up with their changing expectations and preferences.

Greater Resilience in Business Operations

Organization restrictions

We’re introducing new organization and user group options that are more powerful and customizable than ever before. With increased control over organizations, you’ll have greater visibility and unlock more opportunities for your business. 

Multi-organization capabilities

When working with multiple organizations, it’s now easier to manage roles and permissions in some of the most diverse eCommerce scenarios. Functionality includes many-to-many permission levels, and the ability to toggle features on and off by organization.

More Marketplace and Multi-Vendor Tools

Automatic order splitting

Introducing streamlined fulfillment for some of the most complex ordering scenarios. With our order-splitting options, you can separate orders based on a variety of criteria. Multiple shipping cost options allow you to offer even more value and choice to customers.

Multi-vendor management

Gain next-level control in multi-vendor commerce. We’re giving marketplace operators new vendor permission levels and user role flexibility so you can create the ultimate shopping experience for your customers.

Marketplace seller control

Take control of the selling experience by enabling or disabling functionality for your sellers. Enable shipping cost features, including fixed shipping costs, as well as a wide range of options to tailor your marketplace to the needs of your customers.

Better Scalability, Efficiency, and Security

Improved codebase efficiency

Efficiency and security are top priorities for us, and we are constantly improving the codebase. These include bundling translations with the application source code, supporting bundle-less application structure, serialized field management, entity refactoring, and more.

Upgraded tech stack

We’ve made sure our applications perform at their best by upgrading to the latest PHP 8.2 and Nodejs 18 releases. Our team also implemented numerous improvements and fixes over the past year, thanks to valuable feedback from our developers, partners, and customers.

Get Started with OroCommerce 5.1

With the new OroCommerce, we’re enabling businesses to build resilient brands that keep customers coming back for more. Our latest features, capabilities, and upgrades will help you achieve your goals faster, boost staff productivity, and grow customer loyalty and satisfaction.

We take pride in the hard work put in by our team members and partners, and we value the input of our customers from around the world. 

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